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In cooperation with Municipality of Nyíregyháza, Sportcentrum Nonprofit Ltd, Nyíregyháza, and with the professional help of Nyírségi Futók Sportegyesület (Nyírség Runners Sports Club), Electrolux Lehel Ltd will organise 

Electrolux VIDOR Charity Half Marathon Run



VIDOR-ka Run for cheerful children




within the framework of the VIDOR festival


at 9 a.m. on 5th September 2015



Main patron: Dr. Ferenc Kovács, Mayor of Nyíregyháza

and Alessio Bonfanti, Manager of Nyíregyháza Factory of Electrolux Lehel Ltd


Co-patron: János Orosi, owner of 33World and European championship medals, eightfold world champion in radio orienteering, permanent champion of Nyíregyháza.


Racers will run for a noble goal during the Electrolux VIDOR run this year. Electrolux Lehel Ltd offers its run for supporting the Foundation for Sick Children. From the entry-fee, each racer will contribute with HUF 1000 to the purchase of the laparoscopy equipment necessary for the gentle surgical intervention of babies and infants of the Department of Paediatric Surgery of Jósa András Hospital of Nyíregyháza. Beyond the assistance given by Electrolux Lehel Ltd, the account number of the Foundation will be credited with the amounts received as well.


Let’s run together for our health and for children’s smile!


Location of the race, race centre: Nyíregyháza, Kossuth Square


Events, distances:

·         Single half marathon (21.097 km),

·         Half marathon 2-person relay

·         Half marathon 4-person relay

·         VIDOR-ka Run (3 km)

Run/End: Nyíregyháza, Kossuth Square


Course (the detailed course map will be available from 15th August 2015)

·         Half marathon: Kossuth Square - Kossuth Street – Sóstó Forest – Sóstó and back.

·         VIDOR-ka run: 3-km circle in the downtown.




6:30 – 8:30 On-site entry for half marathon, VIDOR-ka registration

8:45 Joint warming-up 

9:00 Start of VIDOR-ka run

9:40 Start of half marathon

10:00 Quiz for nursery-school children

11:00–12:00 Concert

12:30-13.00 Ceremonial announcement of results


Detailed notice of race and online entry: www.nyifuse.hu




·         VIDOR-ka Run for moving school-children

·         Single half marathon, men and women separately: absolute and by age categories, 14-18 years, 19-30 years, 31-40 years, 41-50 years, 51-60 years, above 61 years

·         Half marathon, 2-person relay, men and women separately (mixed pair are ranged among men): absolute

·         Half marathon, 4-person relay:  absolute




Each distance


·         Absolute winners of half marathon single


Men’s and women’s category:


First place: refrigerator with bottom freezer offered by Electrolux Lehel Ltd


2nd, 3rd place: valuable Electrolux product package


·         Half marathon 2-person relay absolute 1st – 3rd places will be rewarded


1st – 3rd place: sporting goods coupon


·         Half marathon 4-person relay 1st – 3rd places will be rewarded


1st – 3rd place: sporting goods coupon


·         VIDOR-ka Run


All arrivals will receive a medal in the VIDOR-ka Run.

The schools organising the greatest number of entrants in the VIDOR-ka Run will receive the following prizes:


1st place: sporting goods coupon of HUF 30,000.00

2nd place: sporting goods coupon of HUF 25,000.00

3rd place: sporting goods coupon of HUF 20,000.00





The closing date of advance entry for half marathon is 12.00 p.m., 15th August 2015. After that, you can enter on the site in the race centre (Nyíregyháza, Kossuth Square)

·         Online on the web site www.nyifuse.hu

·         Via e-mail to the address Ez az e-mail cím a spamrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát.

·         On the site of the race in the race centre (Nyíregyháza, Kossuth Square) from 6.30 to 8.30 a.m. on 5th September 2015.

·         On-site entry: On the site of the race in the race centre (Nyíregyháza, Kossuth Square) from 6.30 to 8.30 a.m. on 5th September 2015.


For the VIDOR-ka Run, beyond the above opportunities advance entry is possible from 1 to 4 September 2015. Location of advance entry will be announced not later than 15th August 2015.

·         On-site entry: On the site of the race in the race centre (Nyíregyháza, Kossuth Square) from 6.30 to 8.30 a.m. on 5th September 2015.



Modes of payment:


·         By remittance to the bank account of the Nyírség Runners Sports Club (Szabolcs Takarékszövetkezet 68800109-11105044), indicating the name of the race, name of category, name and date of birth of the racer, before 15th August 2015.

·         Postal pink cheque sent to the mailing address of Nyírség Runners Sports Club (4400, Nyíregyháza, Munkás u. 1/A), indicating the name of the race, name of category, name and date of birth of the racer, 15th August 2015.

·         On the site of the race in the race centre (Nyíregyháza, Kossuth Square) from 6.30 to 8.30 a.m. on 5th September 2015.


Entry will be valid only if the entry form is completed (online, e-mail) and the payment is received. Receipt of payment should be brought with you to the race.




For the VIDOR-ka Run, entry fee is HUF 500.00 before 4th September 2015, after that HUF 1,000.00 payable only on the site.


The whole revenue from the VIDOR-ka Run will be spent on supporting the Foundation for Sick Children.


Half marathon


2-peron relay

4-person relay

Before 30.06.2015.

3000 HUF/person

2500 HUF/person

2000 HUF/person

Before 30.07.2015.

3500 HUF/person

3000 HUF/person

2500 HUF/person

01.08.2015. - 15.08.2015.

4000 HUF/person

3500 HUF/person

3500 HUF/person

on 05.09.2015. on the site

5000 HUF/person

4500 HUF/person

4000 HUF/person




Entry fee of half marathon includes the following for the racers who run the distance of single, 2 and 4-person relay:


·         participation in the race

·         electronic time measurement

·         refreshment

·         start package: technical T shirt with emblem, our sponsors’ gifts

·         medical supervision

·         closed and secured course

·         medal for all arrivals who run along the course

·         arrivals’ package for the runners who run along the course

·         online photo gallery

·         other programs, preferences connecting to the race.




·         There is no age limit in the VIDOR-ka Run

·         Half marathon single: 14 years or older

·         Half marathon 4 and 2-person relay: 10 years or older. Racers below 18 years of age must present declaration of consent signed by their parents when entering for the race. 



Further information concerning the race will be uploaded continuously to our web site.


Rules of race


·         Half marathon level time is 2 hours 45 minutes.

·         By entering for the race, all racers accept those included in the notice of race and rules of race. They acknowledge that everybody runs on their own responsibility; the racer declares that his/her state of health meets the conditions necessary for participating in the race and accepts that the organisers of the race shall not be obliged to pay compensation for the health impairment of any racer or for their damage occurred in connection with the race.

·         The organisers of the race do not undertake to provide safe deposit.

·         The relay will be done in places indicated with boards which will be seen in the course map in advance.

·         We ask you to wear the starting bib in front, in a visible place. Do not double up the starting bib; you will find safety-pin for fixing it in the start package or at the race centre as well.

·         The racer will be disqualified if he/she doubles up, covers, takes off his/her starting bib or does not wear it fixed on his/her breast during the period of the race, does not fulfil the whole distance of the race marked out by the organisers, or completes the entry form with false data or deficiently, or does not use the chip properly.

·         Racers who leave the course of the foot-race or show unsportsmanlike behaviour towards their racer partners will be disqualified from the race.

·         The use of accompanying car, bicycle during the race is allowed for the organisers exclusively.  

·         Food and drink for the racers are allowed only at the appointed refreshment stations.

·         It is forbidden to roller-skate, bicycle, run without starting bib or with a dog; these acts will result in disqualification.  

·         Any commercial and promotional activity or popularization of another foot-race is permitted on the site of the sports event only with the previous consent of the organisers and in the way and form agreed with them.

·         Organisers of the race reserve the right to change the course, the relay distances, the program and the date.

·         Organisers of the foot-race reserve the right to take photos of and film the race and the racers and these will be owned by the organisers in the following. Organisers are allowed to use the photos and films prepared freely in their advertisement and other communication materials (e.g. poster, leaflet); participants of the photos will not be entitled to receive any remuneration for it.

·         If the invoice is to be issued for a name other than the entrant’s own name, then he/she will be bound to notify the data necessary for the invoicing of the entry fees on the online or paper entry form, maybe via email to the Nyírség Runners Sports Club prior to 25th August 2015; this notification will exclusively be accepted in writing.

·         The race will be organised independently of the weather circumstances.

·         In case of withdrawal, if the entry fee has already been paid, we can transfer back only 50% of the entry fee until 4th August 2015.

·         If you have already entered the race and paid up the entry fee, but you withdraw from the race (e.g. because of illness) before 25th August 2015, then it is possible to transfer the right to enter to another racer.

·         The fee of protest is HUF 5,000.00 which can be made to the organisers personally on the day of the race in one hour from the expiry of the level time.

·         By completing and signing the entry form or by entering online, racer will accept the conditions of the notice of race and rules of race.

·         Completion of entry form means voluntary data supply as well. The entrant approves that organisers of the event will store the data given at the time of entry in their database.

·         By accepting the conditions of notice of race during the entry, the entrant accepts that the organisers will send newsletter concerning the race to the email address given during the entry.



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